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Thread: Male MCs in YA (from New Adult thread)

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    Male MCs in YA (from New Adult thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by satyesu View Post
    I just read a newsletter from a NYT editor that said NA is primarily read by women, and that female leads are popular. Am I setting myself up for failure with a male protagonist? Can I even be successful in NA as a male author?
    The term "New Adult" is marketing fluff. When the (mostly female) target audience for Young Adult stopped going to high school and started going to college and into the workforce, publishing companies plugged the old tropes into new milieus and slapped the label "New Adult" on their books to make them seem less like a guilty pleasure.

    Can you write a YA novel with a male protagonist? Sure. But male main characters in YA are kind of like moe anime girls for dudes. You have to figure out what kind of stock archetypes tickle the fancy of the opposite sex. As a male author, you might even be successful at it, like John Green. Though I couldn't make it more hand a few dozen pages into The Fault in Our Stars, he gave his YA audience exactly what they wanted and they forked over boatloads of cash for it.

    Personally, I'd recommend writing a book without chasing industry trends, though I understand that probably won't lead to any major success.
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