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Thread: Fantasy publications

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    Ive looked at Submission Grinder. There's a lot to choose from. I thought I could find one, buy an issue, read what others have, and consider if my story fits their market.

    I need to downsize how many projects I am working on. Used to have three and recently finished one (a novella length fanfiction being posted in parts on Archive of Our Own). One is worked on when I can dedicate the time to conceptualizing it; its big enough in my opinion I need to get the third project - the fantasy story - finished for the headspace. One at a time (at MOST two, like a small and big one or something). Not aiming to chug them out, but I also don't want to take forever.

    First line of the story isn't any of those, Gillhoughly lol. Just to point out.

    For rejection, I ought to be happy for one! Means the receiving end saw my submission and MAYBE read part of it.
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