"Hot July brings cooling showers,
Apricots and gillyflowers."
- Sara Coleridge,
Pretty Lessons in Verse

Welcome to the July Goals thread! Whether you're Camping this month or not, help yourself to some virtual s'mores and state your goals (writing and otherwise) for the month! We'll all be here to encourage, commiserate and applaud!

As usual, I'll start us off. I'm Camping with a cabin full of other AWers, but my goals are modest as I'm anticipating a fairly busy and somewhat unsettled month. A lot of my other goals are repeats or stepped-up versions of my June goals. A big one is getting my draft of Book 5 in chronological order - I tend to write out of order anyway, but this draft is kind of a mess so far, and it's time I got organized.

[ ] Camp NaNo: write 8k words on Book 5 of my series - 0 out of 8,000
[ ] Read 3 books - 0 out of 3
[ ] Exercise 1 hour a week - 0 out of 4

[ ] Determine publishing/promo schedule for Book 3 (estimated mid-August release)
[ ] Approve cover design for Book 3

[ ] Review text of Book 4 for republishing in October
[ ] Rewrite front/back matter on Book 4
[ ] Submit Book 4 to formatter/designer

[ ] Put work on Book 5 into chronological order

How about you? Camping or not? Big goals for midsummer, or are you kicking back and taking some down time?