Not mine, but I've worked with Belanger Books in the past and have had a positive experience. I'm only posting one of his calls, but if you follow the link, there's an advertisement for a second Sherlock Holmes pastiche with the same deadline and same pay structure. That anthology's theme is "Sherlock Holmes in the Realms of Edgar Allen Poe".

The Great Detective Universe

What if Sherlock Holmes wasn’t alone?

While Sherlock Holmes is the best remembered detective from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, there was a rich plethora of other sleuths solving crimes throughout the world at the same time. The Great Detective Series from Belanger Books imagines that these sleuths worked together at times to fight crime and stop master thieves such as Arsene Lupin, A.J. Raffles, and Professor James Moriarty.

We start the Great detective series with two books, Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detectives and Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives.

Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detectives

Description: These adventures involve Holmes teaming up with another great detective such as Sexton Blake, Nick Carter, Monsieur Lecoq, or Lady Molly of Scotland Yard. There are plenty “public domain” detectives to choose from or you can create your own.

Submission guidelines: A 5,000 - 10,000 word traditional story teaming Sherlock Holmes with another classic detective. The other detective must be in the public domain or your own original character.

Payment: Authors shall receive a payment of $100 OR $50 plus a percentage of the Kickstarter project profits (whichever amount is GREATER) and a paperback copy of the anthology.

Rights: Authors shall retain rights to their work. We only retain the rights to the story within the publication.

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2019

Kickstarter will run in November 2019 and publication of book will occur in December 2019.

Please submit your manuscript to Title your email: ATTN: GREAT DETECTIVE SUBMISSION