Hey there! I've been finding my way on here for the past couple weeks, and I figured it would be a good time to be more active about trying to find some connections on here. I've always had this dream of having a bunch of serious writer friends, but that hasn't quite happened yet. When I was an undergrad student in creative writing, I guess taking writing courses was the closest I've come to that sort of thing, but a lot of people just saw creative writing, which was a concentration of the English degree, as being an easier alternative to the literature track (I have opinions about this particularly, but I won't go too far with that right now). Most of those students were in the education program too and didn't pursue writing after graduation. I did go on to an MA in literature after my BA, and while doing that, I also made a lot of friends with writing interests, but most of them are limited to what they can do outside of academics because they've moved on to literature PhD programs.

So yeah, now I'll talk a little bit about my writing interests. I'm currently pursuing publication of a YA supernatural/paranormal fiction novel that I co-wrote with a friend and working on a fantasy fiction one that I started all the way back in '13. Additionally, I enjoy writing historical fiction. Majority of my undergrad writing projects were history fiction, including short stories and my capstone.

In addition to writing, I'm also very passionate about genealogy, history, traveling, reading (of course), photography, baseball, tv/movies, board games. If you have any ideas on how to grow your social media (I.e: Twitter), as an emerging writer, I'm more than curious to hear any tips regarding that as well!

I'm not exactly sure what I'm soliciting here exactly. If any part of this post interests you, and you'd like to start a conversation down below or directly, please feel free to do so. I tend to be an interested and inquisitive person, especially when it comes to writing/reading and discussion, so please feel free to go off in any direction you see fit.