The bots and trolls will be coming for Harris from every side. The "she's not black enough" side and the "she's a traitor to black people" side, based on her work as a prosecutor (multi-tracked with the "birtherism-2019" and Candace Owens's #BLEXIT movement). I understand people from CA have been skeptical about her background as a prosecutor for a long time, and I'm sure a legitimate conversation will take place during the primary process. I'm only talking narrowly here, about the deluge of coordinated social media attacks.

I strongly recommend people follow Caroline Orr on Twitter @RVAwonk for the campaign season, or at least bookmark her profile for fact-checking backup. She's really on top of this stuff when it's happening, and in real time. Her posting of the copy/paste tweets during the debate was amazing.

Also be aware that a Trump reelection operative is in on the disinformation act (with Team Trump's explicit thumbs-up) by running a fake Biden website (link goes to a Daily Beast quick-headline page that points to a NYT article). The phony site is near the top of Joe Biden search results online. The operative has them for Bernie & Harris, as well, they're just not as high in the search results. Yet.

Everyone needs to squint hard at what they see and read this election cycle, even if it seems like it's saying something we like. 493 days until election day. It's going to be a brutal slog.