Hello everyone! Apologies if this post could be considered too political/religious/controversial.

I will be playing a historical fantasy game of Burning Wheel (a tabletop rpg) and novelizing it for camp Nanowrimo this year. The setting will be a mix of Ivanhoe, the Arthurian myths, and Game of Thrones all set just after the Second Crusade.

However, I feel like I have run into some problems. I feel like when I "run" the game, I'd want to run it in such a way that LGBT+ people are accepted, can get married, etc. Yet I know that the actual Middle Ages was anything but LGBT+ friendly. Is there a way I can balance both historical accuracy and the fictional aspects of medieval ages being so incredibly homophobic?

I was thinking I'd like it to be set in the real world but with some fictional elements rather than a fictional setting itself, if that makes sense? Kind of a mix of alt-history and fantasy.