At this point in my fiction-writing endeavors, I find myself drawn to self-publishing but I'm basically just at the beginning of the process, so forgive my lack of clarity on so many topical areas -- I'm presently immersing myself in the experience of others in the threads in this forum (which is wonderful!) Right now I'm leaning toward D2D but I have a ways to go in terms of gathering information.

Right now, I'm interested in the cover image -- which, in a lot of ways, is as important as the inside text, at least in my opinion.

But I do have a preliminary question about pre-made book covers. I have several novels and about a dozen novellas -- all of which I will need covers for. I don't want to use a designer, not just to save $$$ but because I think that pre-made will suit my work just fine. I'm looking for landscape covers -- you know, a snowy forest, a lake in the woods, a cornfield, an old house, a Western ghost town -- images like that as my works are very setting focused. Think sort of literary man vs. nature stuff. I don't want the image of a specific person and I find myself sorting through dozens and dozens of pre-made covers that are great (dragons, lovers, spacecraft, cityscapes) but not what I'm looking for.

There seem to be dozens of pre-made cover places -- can anybody recommend some that not only are reliable (not a rip off) and might have a lot of nature categories of images? Writer friends have recommended designers but I honestly don't think I need an actual designer at this juncture.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the online choices so if anybody can point me in a possible direction, I would appreciate it.