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I’m trying to do something similar with my current WIP. It’s a mystery/thriller where the the main culprit is revealed/killed at the end, but I added an “epilogue” of sorts where it’s revealed that a second antagonist/Big Bad exists. But the plot isn’t dependent on it, and I wrote it so it could easily be written out so that the book could completely stand alone if needed.
I wish mine were that simple.

I've been thinking, are there many MG series out there with book one having enough conclusiveness to stand on its own? Apart from Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl, I can't seem to think of any at the moment. Most seem to clearly point to a sequel. The first Percy Jackson ended with the revelation of Kronos being behind everything and Luke running away. Keeper of the Lost Cities book 1 didn't even introduce any villains much less the Big Bad. Nevermoor ended with the Big Bad leaving the MC (without any sort of battle) and promising that the MC will seek him out. Fablehaven ended with the mention of a criminal organization that threatens the other preserves. Prosper Redding ended with the MC's sister being kindapped and him vowing to rescue her. Alex Rider ended with the MC's father's murderer advising him to quit (or daring him to come after him?). It just seems natural that the first book in a series would point at things to come.