Pterofan: Nice effort.

pingle: It is really satisfying when a solution suddenly appears. It almost makes up for getting stuck in the first place

sandree: Those thinking days are crucial! Hope your body feels better soon. I’m ramping up my yoga again and already feeling a difference.

WGough: 653 though! Good luck with the sloggin’.

Keithy: Have you read Wolf Hall/Bring up the Bodies? Not non-fic, I know, but they really are brilliant Tudor novels.

Cindyt: Those are some diverse maps! Mine are all just big blobs on the page with some mountains on one side and a forest on the other.

Lakey: Phew indeed! Glad you figured out the problem. I honestly believe the biggest skill all writers must learn is knowing what to leave out, rather than what to put in.

Finished Chapter 8, now need to figure out Chapter 9. It needs to pack a big emotional punch, so I can’t just write down the first thing I come up with. Need to stick ma thinking cap on.

Day 12: Decent bit; 2 miles; thigh burn