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Thread: Dancing around swear words? (In a clean novel)

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    Dancing around swear words? (In a clean novel)

    I feel guilty writing this post since swearing is not something I do. I was never around anyone that swore growing up, by parents don't swear, and nobody I know does. I was always taught it was a bad thing, a sin at most. However, sometimes there are moments in my story that my characters get upset and they are the type of person that would swear.

    My question is does words like heck, dang, and crap sound awkward when used in a YA book? Used lightly of course.

    Another thing I like to do is just say "he cursed, she cursed, I cursed"

    Sometimes I "dance" around swear words like. "Dang it!" Lewis punched the wall and proceeded to say worse things.

    Are these methods acceptable in YA? I always use these methods lightly since I want to write clean books.
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