My blog is eclectic. I began it to foster my writing and publishing, and I certainly still do use it for that, but I've broadened it considerably and will write about visits to my little Ozark cabin, or my bike riding adventures, or even anecdotes about my grands. I almost never post my original (creative) writing there (like samples from my stories), though I will have links to published stories if they're online. Sometimes I'll post a paragraph I like from whatever current book I'm reading. Sometimes just a photo (on Wordless Wednesday). I've posted every day in a week and then go a week or more without a post. I never know what will interest the mysterious readers I have, nor is it always clear to me why my visit count will spike on any given day. If someone leaves a comment on your blog, it's generally best (respectful, courteous) to respond to it. Certainly if you want a lot of readers, visit other blogs and leave substantive comments. And, visit other blogs outside of what your intent is. If yours will be a blog about writing, find a blog about knitting or collecting fountain pens or neighborhood news or politics or travel. Say something insightful on those in the comments and find new readers who will sample yours and maybe stay for the long haul.