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But of course I'd like my character's plan to be distinct and different, and I have some ideas, but I'd like to read some other books in this genre, specifically where a smart person or small group of smart people has inside knowledge and is able to take actions that have snowballing effects that lead to toppling a tech corp.
Before you think of the mechanics of the heist, you should define what story elements will create tension and keep it all the way to the end. That's because stories in which people plan perfectly, execute perfectly, agree on everything, and succeed with the intended consequences are boring.

Most caper stories have Heroes fails at planning, end up improvising, with unintended consequences, at which point the Heroes realize they are on the wrong side of the moral line. Example is Doors Open by Ian Rankin. Some stories have a bunch of apparently inept people form a team that does succeed. Example is the movie Ocean's Eleven. Then you have those for which the moral line is fluid, like the movie The Thomas Crowne Affair. The underlying mechanics of the theft are not that important; you can fudge a lot in that department and readers will give you a pass if you are good at maintaining tension.