I'm writing a linked MG short story collection and one of the MC's (Wattson) is very fun-loving and optimistic. Totally normal for an eleven-year-old boy. But then he's also very wise, even though he doesn't realize this himself. He's always giving out this deep wisdom without realizing it.

For example: “If you think back on your own mistakes then it’s easier to forgive others,” Wattson said.

I really don't want to change him, but I'm afraid readers will think, "an eleven-year-old wouldn't think like that".

Is it okay for him to be wise? I think part of the reason he's wise like this is because he's not really human. He thinks he's human, but he's part of a otherworldly race of beings, but that's not discovered until two collections later.

Him being wise is very important to the collections because, when it is his best friend's (Trumaine's) turn to be the POV character, he's often marveling at Wattson's wisdom and this helps him see the world differently.

Can he be this wise or should I dim it down some, though that would hurt the story?