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This. Also, a couple of reviews won't sell your books. Twenty-five fake reviews won't sell your book. Many readers never ever glance at reviews. A good book, a good cover, good keywording, a good product description, and a number of books out in your name might start to sell your books if they are any good--but you need bookS, plural.

Reviews aren't very important. Period. Move on to what is important, getting your 5 or 10 books written, edited, proofread, and out there. Then you might see sales on book #1. Reviews do not change your visibility. 50 reviews at amazon does not make any magical thing happen to a book. It does not change ranking.

Look at my avatar. That's my daily sales at Zon midway through this past year. I never look at my reviews. I never think of my reviews or average rating or any of that. I do my job, which is writing. Reviews are not my job--and to write them for others in my genre would be against the TOS. As I make my living as a writer, being kicked off Amazon for violating TOS would be a very bad thing for me.
I can see how that's true. I've got books with less reviews that sell more than other books that have more reviews. I write non-fiction. I've got books in niches (in terms of subject and advanced skill level) and they don't sell as much as the ones with more broad appeal so I'm working on another one of those types at the moment.

Probably good key wording might something I've not been putting as much time in as I'd like.What else do you use? Amazon advertising and or / freebee promo places?