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Thread: Worrying racism in the small press

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    New Fish; Learning About Thick Skin
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    Worrying racism in the small press

    I know this will get a lot of people's backs up, but I can't hold my tongue any longer. I'm tired of coming across the new wave of racism and exclusivity that has reared its ugly head in the small press. Small press guideliness no longer tell us the kind of stories they want but the kind of people they want, non-heterosexual white men. Take this guideline for example from Pulp Literature
    "We love to publish works featuring fiery feminism, a rainbow of LGBTQIA+, skin colours that don’t begin with the letter ‘W’."

    Okay so they want feminism, fine, and they want more lgbt fiction, fine also, but Skin colours that don't begin with the letter "W". Come on now! Seriously? It's shocking. You couldn't get more racist if you tried.

    Not to single out Pulp Literature for being actively anti-white racist and politicial in this way but just about every small press has something like this in their guidelines these days. Why is this kind of thing going unchallenged by the wider writing community?

    If this post is removed or I'm banned for speaking out against this, it just goes to show that this is being swept under the carpet.
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