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We live in a profane time.

War and violence is widespread. Refugees are drowning like rats as they try to escape from poverty, brutality and cruelty. Women go missing in the black hole of sex trafficking. The weather is morphing into something unpredictable and alarming. The ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, the oceans are filled with our waste and filth and toxins and plastic.

Every day deals are cut and money changes hands to make things worse, not better for those who are not privileged or considered important enough to care about.

Every day there's a new shooting spree or hideous murder. Every day yet another rich guy gets away with victimizing women, men and children. Animals are tortured, filmed and presented on social media for other sickos to get off on.

The Nazis and the Klan and the White Supremacists are coming for the kikes, the niggers, the spics, the fags, the dykes, the sand niggers. A same-sex couple walking down the street is literally taking their lives in their hands.

A woman walking down the street has to pick up the pace to avoid the catcalls, escape the yelling men demanding she show her tits and cringe as a horny molester puts his clammy hands on her on a crowded bus or subway. A little boy who likes to play with Barbie dolls instead of G.I. Joe is being punched in the chest by his father screaming at him to "take it like a man and stop being a little faggot." That little boy may grow up to be a healthy and happy heterosexual man on the outside who is repressing his hatred and violent tendencies that may one day emerge in a terrible and bloody spasm and all because daddy couldn't deal with the idea of his son being a homosexual.

Right now in a office a woman is being raped. Right now a man in prison is being raped. Right now on a film set a child is being raped.

We have a thief, a sex maniac, a serial molester, a likely rapist in the Oval Office. We have one political party that closes a blind eye to this sort of depravity and another that sits by feckless, impotent and useless. There are no checks and there are no balances. There's only grifters, cheaters, hustlers, bigots, homophobes, misogynists, and racists. The bad guys are winning and the good guys are losing--big time.

If you are even slightly conscious of the desperate days we're trying to survive, tThere's not a lot of reasons to be optimistic. Nobody is coming to save us. Not the FBI or the Boy Scouts or the Marines or the Pope or Captain America. Nobody is coming. There's nobody to save us but us.

Oh, and I'm a Black man living in a White man's country trying to protect my wife and son and daughter as I try very hard not to give up on this entire country and just pull up stakes and start all over in another place in another country because this one is swirling down the toilet and I am very afraid I might lose my mind if anything were to happen to my family. That doesn't make me special.

I'm still a writer and a pretty good one on my better days, if I can be immodest. I know how to construct a sentence. Get the subject and predicate right and tight. Put the verbs and adverbs and nouns and pronouns in all the right places. I can turn a mean phrase. My words can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. They can cut with the precision of a surgeon's steady scalpel and heal with the loving touch of your sweet grandma-ma.

But sometimes I don't feel like being diplomatic. Or tactful. Or polite. I don't want to play nice. Sometimes I just wanna call something what it is and if it offends or rankles or annoys, then it was probably meant to and I'm cool with that.

So I don't have to compare my enemies to excrement. Human, animal or otherwise. I don't have to call those who hate and despise me the scum of the earth. I don't have to be graphic and explicit on what should happen to child molesters, pedophiles, rapists, killer cops, cop killers, and other worthless wastes of perfectly good air.

I don't have to do any of those things. But sometimes I HAVE to call an evil motherfucking piece of shit an evil motherfucking piece of shit. Certain things must be called out and identified as what they actually are.

And why? Because when Mark Twain said, "Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer," he was right.

These are those certain, urgent and desperate circumstances we're trying to navigate our way through and if it's not, it will do until the real deal moseys along. If an epithet or a cuss word slips out, that should be expected, if not necessarily welcomed or appreciated.

I reserve the right to seek the relief that comes profanity. I also accept responsibility for my words as well as the ramifications that may come with them.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Yup. I wouldn't want it any other way, either.

What we're objecting to is lazy and ineffective reliance on profanity to the detriment of actual writing.