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Thread: A note regarding language

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    A note regarding language

    We live in frustrating times. I'm certainly frustrated, constantly.


    When Mac turned off the AW censor we expected writers could use all their words effectively.

    As she notes in The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write:

    ON LANGUAGE - You might notice that this board doesn't currently **** out curse words. That's deliberate. This is a writer's board; we certainly should each have the minimal control necessary over our own language to know how civilized adults speak in public. We strongly urge you to use that knowledge and control.

    Different rooms may have a different tolerance level for salty language. If in doubt, choose a different word. Otherwise, prepare yourself to have your post deleted, or to be asked to edit your post.

    Our intention in turning off the profanity censor was never to make profanity more widely exploited. Quite the opposite: the intention was to throw the onus of responsibility for your language back into your very own laps.

    When and if you choose to curse, please consider your words and choose them deliberately and with great care. Excruciating care, in fact. There may well be that rare occasion when a carefully chosen curse word is both effective and appropriate.

    Please don't attempt to exploit that.
    I'm a Medievalist, and a Philologist. I'm not afraid of words. I am in fact a frequent speaker of Anglo-Saxon and Yiddish in the pursuit of invective.

    Unfortunately, I'm noticing an increasing practice of invective towards public figures in ACE & H.

    I'm referring to the increasing commonality of using curse words in thread titles, and referring to people as various forms of excrement.

    I've tried soft-deleting posts and in-thread requests.

    I'm not getting people to work with me.

    I'm being dismissed; this makes me testy.

    So here's a thing you need to know:

    I'm running AW, and modding ACE & H, while trying to make a living.

    • Having to deal with multiple complaints about language directed towards public figures is taking its toll on my time.
    • Moreover, I'm not willing to be sued because a handful of members can't write without resorting to fecal vocabulary.

    I'm no longer asking. Clean up your language.

    • Stop calling people dog shit, or human excrement or pieces of shit, etc.
    • Post like writers with the world's most voluminous language at your disposal.

    I more often than not don't disagree with your evaluation, just the expression.

    Please do better. You're complicating my job.

    Shakespearean Insult Generator

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