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Double-check your terminology. When you say "stick-and-rod," are you referring to rod puppets like the Indonesian shadow puppets, which are generally two-dimensional, articulated puppets mounted on sticks? Or do you mean "hand-and-rod," such as Kermit the Frog, who is operated by a human hand for the body and mouth, and a rod or combination of rods for the limbs?

And just FYI, ventriloquist dummies are called "dummies" not because they're stupid, but because they are mute - the ventriloquist provides the voice.

:: Donna, who used to be a professional puppeteer although not a ventriloquist ::

Wow, this is great. By the rods, I mean the puppets that have rods attached to their wrists and someone behind a stage moves their arms. I guess that would mean hand-and-rod. Thanks for the life-saver