So, I'm, not usually very good with introductions. It's usually brief or rambling, so I'l probably keep this short. I'm fron the UK, love a good cup of tea and hate the weather.

I have little experience with creative writing. I've never taken courses on it, I wanted to continue with English at college but had to do maths instead (blegh) and never moved on to university. Last tiem I wrote anything was over 5 years ago. Recently I've had the sudden urge to take the ideas swimming about my head and put them to paper. Digital paper, I guess. I'm a worldbuilder and a lover of fantasy, it's the only style I have any interest in writing about. Adult themed only, not into YA or childrens stuff. I have a fairly dark imagination and am fascinated by anti heroes and villains. I had an idea for a character to create for dungeons and dragons and got the idea of writing a story based around him as I grew to love him. Currently up to chapter 4 and only 4,500 words into it so I have a long way to go, but was hoping to eventually learn more to brush up my weaknesses and eventually get feedback. I don't want to lose enthusiasm for it as it's so much fun when it comes together.

Not much else to say. I'm fairly inconsistent with ym writing and I don't know how much time I will get to be super active on these forums, but I'l try my best so I can begin to share my work and get the much needed critique. As my itile says, it's a pleasure to be here.