And by cold North, I mean Scotland. Though I'm about to begin the only slightly-daunting process of immigrating to the USA, for reasons totally unrelated to writing. Wish me luck!

Anyway, hello! Happened upon Absolute Write years ago when I was searching for agent information and stumbled across the forum with warnings and recommendations. Eventually decided to sign up because you know, it seems like a cool community. With very valuable info!

I've written two adult fantasies and am currently 50k into a YA fantasy so... you can see where my tastes lie, haha. I did query the adult fantasies but ultimately got no offers at the end of the process, so here we are! I decided to try out YA because YA has always seemed like an incredibly tough challenge to me (seriously—I find it far harder than adult), but I really want to try. So far, the first draft feels... okay. It'll feel better once edited. Maybe this'll be the one that lands me an agent. Crossing my fingers.

My tastes pretty much skew the same way when reading—fantasy is my favourite (though I do love sci-fi too, I just don't feel confident enough at all to write it yet). Cool little community you've got here and I look forward to being a part of it!