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Thread: What science or technology could a Star Wars scientist be working on?

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    What science or technology could a Star Wars scientist be working on?

    Iím trying to write a story about a scientist working on something in the Star Wars galaxy. Iím looking for something creative or esoteric instead of just teleportation or matter replicators. I have tried many different ideas but none seem to fit. A lot of stuff has been thought of on Star Wars rpg forums and Iím not looking for a simple tech or invention. Iím looking for a science that would take a scientist in SW somewhat difficulty to create. It canít be something that can theoretically be created based on existing technological capabilities or resources. E.g. You donít see speeders with deflector shields, but you could very easily do it. Iíd also be open to him studying something brand new. A facet or avenue of science that has been untapped or ignored. Star Wars has had 1,000ís of Years with FTL technology so this is a tall order but scientist exist and surely they must be doing something.

    Any ideas?
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