Watched the six-episode first season of Into The Night, the first Belgian Netflix Original series. When an unknown event turns sunlight deadly, a hijacked plane out of Brussels must fly ahead of sunrise to survive. Based on the novel "The Old Axolotl" by Jacek Dukaj.

Not nearly as painful or cringeworthy as Netflix's Another Life, this still isn't exactly top-notch streaming TV. The characters are flimsy and generally hard to sympathize with, prone to stupidly-timed bouts of stubbornness and general brainlessness, with a fair bit of testosterone causing issues of dominance. The science... this isn't any more about plausible science than Speed was about a plausible bombing scenario, though there is some lip service to the fact that one has to stay some ways north of the equator to have any hope of outrunning daylight in a commercial airplane. It even messes up its own timeline by the final episode - which is a cliffhanger of sorts, not a conclusion. The dubbing adds another layer of detatchment, dialog often very mismatched from lip movement, and the soundtrack never stops trying to convince the viewer that what they're watching is full of tension, even when it's not. Still, things do happen, and there's something oddly compelling about it as it repeatedly tries to come together. TBH, I think Rifftrax could have a lot of fun with it, given the stock-bin "mismatched strangers caught in a disaster" scenario and characters, not to mention several clunky lines and plot twists and threads that just disappear.

I wouldn't say don't watch it, but I will say not to set your hopes too high if you do.