As others have mentioned, HS senior and college senior are two very different life phases. A high school senior is more likely to be living at home or with other "grown-ups." To some degree, they are not in control of their lives yet. They won't have debt burdens, they won't have jobs, they'll still likely get meals and shelter without having to think or work overmuch for either... they're at the tail end of childhood, and though they may physically be mature, mentally they've not made the break. College seniors will be more likely to live on their own or in a dorm/with roomies: no parents/adults to pick up after them or remind them to get to this class or do that assignment, or to have dinner waiting after a long day. They're likely to be accumulating debt and really, really thinking about how to get a job to pay that down, if they don't already have a job to help with costs. They're having relationships without needing to bring boy/girlfriends home for parental approval or wait until Mom and Dad are out to hook up. They're doing laundry and buying TP or suffering the consequences of going without. Emotionally, they may still need some maturing (heck, in some ways, humans always need more growth and maturation), but they're basically living as adults. Aging up or down from high school to college is not as easy as shifting from, say, high school sophomore to high school senior.

If I may add, and JMHO...

From your various threads, you seem to be looking for something - a formula that will make your story work, or permission to write your story, or something else to clear whatever obstacle stands between you and the story you're trying to tell. Ultimately, at some point, you're going to have to write your story.

Comparison reads help, but they won't write your story.

Knowing your age and target audience helps, but it won't write your story.

Outlining can often help, but it alone won't write your story.

Have you considered seeking a writing mentor? Someone who can work with you, help you figure out the questions you need to ask and the answers you need to find. All these threads and questions, and we're trying to help, but you may need someone a bit closer, or something a bit more personal, because it sometimes feels circular, like you're looking for answers that we're not offering, or asking questions we're not quite getting.

Again, I mean no offense...