Title: Roguehounds, vol 1: Birds of a Feather
Author: S. Margrave
Publication Date: January 25th, 2019
Publisher: Self
Format: eBook

Philomena Falconn is convinced she's the most brilliant businesswoman in human history, an irresistible sex goddess to the galaxy's hunks, and the heiress who will lead her corporate dynasty into a golden age of prosperity. She's amazingly wrong on every single count. But the disaster-prone Philomena doesn't let a little thing like "reality" keep her down. After she accidentally destroys a space station and gets removed from the line of succession for gross incompetence, she strikes out on her own with a half-baked plan to get rich at space mining--the family business--and prove those who doubted her wrong. But when she discovers every world worth mining is already owned, she'll have to explore an unorthodox solution....

Come along with Philomena and her hapless employees at Kestrel Mining, Inc. on an outlandish hunt for the galaxy's rogue planets. These sunless orbs offer the mineral resources she needs to make her fortune. But will she survive the dangers posed by these untamed lands? Or, more importantly, will they survive the dangers posed by Philomena Falconn?

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