Coddiwomple - You know, when people say you're supposed to bust your a$$ writing, that's just a figure of speech... Seriously, though, ouchie.

Friendly Frog - I think your tiny eye volcanoes must have their own tiny gods, and demand tiny sacrifices from your eyelash mites... but the mites have been stingy, and thus the gods rage.

As for me, some progress has been made. Not a ton written, but I have a much better vision of the ending and pinned down how it will probably go down, so I'm cautiously optimistic about wrapping by Friday or Saturday (knock on plywood.) Looking at about 8Kish, maybe a little north of that; could probably use a hard cut/revision, but I'm not going to bother. I'm just going to hit the end, then do a quick scan pass. I will have more writing time tomorrow after work, since I shouldn't have to shop. Might bring it over the finish line then, family and energy pending.

Saving to multiple locations (because this is when the gremlins like to hit), and off for the night.