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also I don’t want to make the frog sad, so I'll agree to anything
This Froggy appreciates her feelings being considered, but she's a big girl who enjoys a good discussion to exchange ideas.

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And also: some of us are newbies at this activity and I for one am happy to defer to anything that people who have participated before decide is the best way to go forward.
There has been 6 or 7 Winter Soltice Story Swaps, but only one previous Summer Soltice Story Swap, so we're all pretty new to this one.

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I live in 'Murica and I don't know Eurovision, but from what you say, it sounds kind of like the points system I had for the Tiebreaker round where I had people assign points out of 10 for each prompt, if I'm getting it right?
Hah, should you ever get to see Eurovision, you're in for a treat. It has a long-standing tradition of being adorably camp.

But yes, to confirm, it uses a point system where points are given 1 to 10 (ranking from 1 being the least) and 12 points to the absolute favourite, making ties very, very rare among the 20-30 contestants. (There's also a juried vote and a popular one, but that's something not applicable to the Sequal Soltice.)

I do understand what you mean about wanting to set this Sisyphus apart from the first one. I'm allowing non-prompt stories in the Guessing Thread this year because I already stated that this was okay earlier, but I'll keep this rule in mind for future events, based on how many people we get.
You raise a good point, one which I had not considered, that 'miscreant stories' (love that name!) will always be extra to at least one story written for one of the three chosen prompts. With that in mind I don't really have any objection to their inclusion. People who can knock out two stories are awesome. I know I wouldn't be able to.