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Thread: The 2019 Sequel Solstice Story Share: The Sequel!

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    vacuous eyes, will bark at shadows Norman Mjadwesch's Avatar
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    Mar 2018
    Quote Originally Posted by Coddiwomple View Post
    The Bronze Horse with the Glass Ass is going to step forward (gingerly) and officially ask:

    Hey Jay? Can we make our summer sequel an equinox guessing thread? One more week? Between the tiny eye volcanoes and ded computers and the viral novella outbreak...and my purely selfish reason... my sis and her husband are flying in tonight for the half marathon we were supposed to run together* on Sunday and I haven’t finished my revisions to story #3.

    I'll defer to anyone who feels otherwise, of course, and submit what I have with good cheer.

    * Yes, I have the sads. And if it makes any difference at all, story #3 is a special present to Jay, so I really want to make it shiny.
    I second the motion. I've got no personal stake in this, but there are just too many people being hammered by life for me not to wish for those who need it a little extra leeway. There's what, eighteen of us here doing this thing, and maybe a third are dealing with more crap than a sewage treatment works?

    So yeah, bring on another extension, and let the novella people and the dead computer people and the tiny eye volcano (WTF?! again?) frog and the broken horse statue with the non-wagging tail have something that reduces the stress in their lives for a few more days.

    The dog has spoken. (A most benevolent dog he is, too.)
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