A family (man, pregnant woman, their one-year-old and their four-year-old), walked out of a Dollar Store in Phx, in broad daylight, apparently not having noticed their preschooler was clutching a $1 knockoff Barbie that hadn't been paid for.

Obviously, the correct response by law enforcement being called to the scene of a suspected $1 value shoplifting by a preschooler was to surround the family, guns drawn, screaming repeatedly that the family was going to 'get fucking shot.'

Yes, it's on video.

No, the cops wouldn't stop, even when screaming at a pregnant woman holding a baby to put her hands up (which she notes is kind of hard to do while holding the kid), screaming at the guy to put his hands up (as he repeatedly yells back that his hands are, in fact, up), and taking the adults into custody. Bystanders in the parking lot were trying to defuse it, trying to let the cops allow SOMEONE to grab the kids just to get them out of the line of potential fire -- nope. The family has filed a $10 million lawsuit.