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Thread: I really need help

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    I really need help

    God, where do I start?

    I published my debut novel, Eighteen Lives, last October via a small (but amazing) publisher, Inspired Quill. The problem is, it's not selling as well as I'd like. I'm not expecting it to suddenly sell one million copies overnight or anything, I'm realistic, but I was at least hoping for a little better than #4,172,526 on the Amazon sales charts and only three reviews (not that I don't appreciate those reviews, but I haven't had any more since). I feel in my bones that this book can succeed, I just can't seem to figure out out how to go about accomplishing that. I'm lost.

    Which brings me to writer's block. See, there's supposed to be a sequel to Eighteen Lives in the works titled Eighteen Deaths. I'm struggling hard with it. I have a few bare bones ideas of things that I want to happen, but I need a more solid foundation to begin with. I'm starting to think all of what I just said is part of the reason why I'm having difficulties. I feel like a big failure. Like I'm screwing up my dream. I need help, guys. Badly. I'm drowning here!
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