Hey all! When I created this account in a fit of angst I imagined my name as "s-martini" not "smart-ini." Needless to say I've never belonged to or read a forum before and will be googling your abbreviations and acronyms as I go along.

That being said I look forward to being a part of this community! While I find the writer's experience to be a parabolic one I've recently realized that the lows can lead to comradery with similarly afflicted people (anyone who hopes to write a novel or publish anything) instead of the bottom of a bottle.

I mostly practice fiction, fantasy, and scifi but am looking to broaden my exposure and taste. I am horrible with run on sentences and still trip over commas like it pays. My "portfolio" ranges from a stoner comedy screenplay, to some short fiction, to the beautifully wicked beast that my unfinished YA novel is proving to be. I look forward to spending my writers block here as cheerleader and constructive critic for those willing to share their work and ultimately as a supporter for anyone in the pits with me