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Thread: Help me come up with a new fantasy series aesthetic, please

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    Margrave, I can take another look at available images to see if I can find a harbor seal I can use. It would be nice to work the selkie in visually. So far all the images say Nature Channel and not selkie to me, though. And I'm trying to get away from the circle motif since that's so strong in my Snow White covers. If people get confused about which books go in which series, it's a branding fail.

    I'm not in love with the font, either, Sandree, but I figured that was the least of my problems. I was going to ask them to try something a little more traditional and then compare the two fonts side by side, once the imagery is dialed in. But I did want a font to separate this series from my other books. The A being tiny bugs me more than bet. One good thing about this font, though, is that the title is distinct when the thumbnail is super small.

    Also, I'm totally willing to entertain alternate title suggestions. I thought this title contained some irony--the repercussions from the bet are going to be huge--and it was short, which after dealing with all the font in Snow White was a definite plus.

    And also, this story has a novelette/novella sized problem, and the title seemed to suggest that to me. Of course, I wrote the book, so I'm going into this with way more knowledge than anyone else. It's always hard to say how someone will view a title who knows nothing about your book.

    Completely irrelevant aside: I'm starting to wish I could write only long novelettes/short novellas. Right now that length really speaks to me. Four chapters, approximately 5k each: 1st act, two chapters for act 2, third act. It's like the three act structure is baked in. Novels are...messier, even though I pay a great deal of attention to the structure when I write and edit.

    This is my attempt to be somewhat commercially successful. Write a novella for the freebie, which I do actually know how to market. Then write a series because you'd have to be seriously oblivious to miss the memo that you should write a series if you ever want a snowball's chance in hell of making any actual money.

    I guess the series should really be longer, but that's all the story I seem to have. And I'm not even sure the series will be novels, although I'm really going to try to get the word counts above 50k.
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