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Thread: 2019 FIFA WORLD CUP

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaeZe View Post
    For anyone who watched the game, when Rapinoe kicked the penalty goal, why did it look like the goalie didn't make an effort to stop it? I've seen several reruns of the goal and it looks like it went right past the goalie. Usually when a goalie misses it's clear they couldn't get to it.

    It's a shame they don't have multiple camera angles.
    She was wrong-footed, which made her look like she was rooted to the spot. I used to be a goalie and it happened to me more times than I care to remember! You commit to moving to one side, but before you dive, you realise your mistake, try to correct and look like you didn't move.

    I though Holland put up a good fight, particularly in the first half, but while they are good defensively, they are pretty hopeless in attack. The best team in the tournament - by far - won. Well done USA.
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