When it comes to writing, I do two things very well- screenwriting and parody songs. Well, I just signed the contract to do a parody song for a company... for 10 grand! For me, to write and produce the song will take all of three days (I have a ProTools studio in my basement; with Sennheiser Dynamic and M-Audio preamps). The company wants me to take a song and re-write it as a commercial; and the song they picked- Phil Collins, 'Take Me Home'.

I just got done programming the digital music track. The easy way to do it would be to use an existing Karaoke track; but I couldn't find one of quality that didn't have embedded back-up singing in it- which is a problem if you're changing the lyrics. I already wrote the lyrics (for me, that's really the easy part and took me all of an hour to do) so now I'm setting up the tracks to record my own version of Phil Collins.

My Youtube channel is full of parodies, and that fact helped me to sell this one. I'll admit- I've never tried to do a Phil Collins song. I'm a Heldentenor and hitting the notes he does is a stretch for me. But I'll get 'er done.

-Wild Bill