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Thread: Oh you and your momentary desires, says the Vatican

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizmonster View Post
    I think organized religion in general tends to be more doctrinal in countries where they can (or perceive they can) wield political power. Like now, in the US, despite our Constitution.
    Our politics are getting a much more overtly Christian tone just atm. And not in a good way.

    I will burn for you,” Morrison promised in his election-eve pitch to undecided voters. At the time the phrase provoked snide asides about his coal evangelism.The sneerers might be feeling chastened that vulnerable mining communities in north Queensland and the Hunter Valley trusted the Coalition, and not Labor, to protect their livelihoods.

    As I didn’t know “burn for you” was a phrase used by Pentecostal Christians to denote strenuous service for Christ, I wondered why Morrison was quoting the lyrics of a 1980s INXS song. My ear was not attuned to his pitch to the faithful.

    And the faithful rose up on May 18 to re-elect the Coalition - that’s one narrative gaining traction to explain the shock win.
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