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Pence is everything that is wrong with the modern GOP. He perfectly represents the rightwing evangelical tapeworm that crawled up the arse of the GOP and ate it from the inside out.

He’dve never reached the White House by himself, though, because he lacks the bold chutzpuh and fascist sparkle that is Trump, who now walks around in the corpse of the GOP as a skin suit.
Agree with all of this:

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The problem with impeachment isn’t the impeachability of the offenses.
Impeachment is the equivalent of indictment.
But, where the judicial system has as an ideal of trial by an impartial judge and jury, impeachment leads to no such trial.
The judge is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is only in theory impartial.
The jury is the Senate, which can only make a laughable pretense of impartiality.

There are two reasons to impeach this year or next, and they are the same reasons the Republicans had when they impeached Clinton.
1. to tie up the Executive branch in the proceedings so tightly that they can’t do anything. The Republicans succeeded at this.
2. To uncover using Congressional investigation, offenses that can be tried in Federal and State Courts. This they did not succeed in doing, but the current Congress might succeed in doing this against Trump.