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I think the sad thing is that the kind of social media fan base that would actually help your chances is the kind of fan base that belongs to someone who would never ever need to ask the question. It is not the kind of presence you can build up just because you wrote an as yet unpublished book. It's - different numbers. It's like Diana Mitford when someone asked her where she bought her hats and she said "I already have them". You are Diana Mitford with her hats, or you're just someone with hair, yanno?
100% agreed. I see a lot of "Let's all follow each other so we have lots of followers" posts from writers on Twitter and I'm pretty sure it's not helping their chances any more than just working on their manuscripts. The only thing I've ever been asked by agents and editors is "Are you on social media?" because they want you to be moderately available to readers and networking. Of course having a massive following is great, but it's not expected.