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Again, Twitter can be a red flag--but I've met several agents on Twitter who are now friends. One agent in particular who I met there became a very good friend, to the extent that I would stay with her when I went to London. I learned so much from her. And it's possible to remain in a positive, informing loop on Twitter if you're ruthless about blocking and ignoring some people.
There are also agents who are professional and author-positive on Twitter, but less so in real life. These days, any agent who pays attention should know how to talk a good game on Twitter.

Which is only to say that a Twitter presence doesn't really tell you anything useful about an agent, unless they're really awful there (because they should know better). Plenty of people are active in social media because they genuinely enjoy it. I wouldn't choose an agent based entirely on their Twitter feed, but neither would I see engagement there as a red flag.