Hi, all. I've written a YA mystery manuscript that I had hoped to query within the next month or two. As I researched how I should approach writing queries, an invaluable asset that was brought up before sending one was having an 'author platform.' Well, I have no connections, a website, or hundreds of followers on Twitter or Facebook. Never even used Instagram.

I have a fantasy novel that I am in the early stages of planning, and am considering posting it onto Wattpad. But with the long hours I have been pulling at work lately, it will take a while before I am able to release anything, especially since I am still working on the final version of my mystery manuscript.

I'd like to know if an author platform is as crucial as I've heard? Should I finish and query my current manuscript or should I divide my attention in the hopes that the story I post onto Wattpad becomes popular enough that I can use it in my pitch? You guys help will be greatly appreciated.