I also agree that it's a passion, a calling, rather than a hobby. You do it because you have to.

I've also been reading a lot of history lately. The world has always been chaotic and a mess. Things have always been challenging and strenuous. This has never stopped writers and it should not stop you. Your writing is meaningful and, if you work hard enough at it, will make an impact in the world. That is a purpose in itself, isn't it? Besides, the end is not nigh yet, I don't think. The world may very well one day end, but that should not stop you in the meantime. Who knows when it might be and where we, the human race, might be?

Keep on writing. You can put your thoughts, feelings, emotions, anxieties, fears, and everything else into it. Writing can become your outlet for dealing with this. It can be a solution, not a problem. You can do this!