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Thread: A Funny Wartime Idea

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    A Funny Wartime Idea

    Perhaps I'm just silly, but while working diligently on one project I have in the back of the mind the next one. I've got a seed of a project (note I'm a screenwriter- I'm probably amongst the worst novelists you'd ever hate to read) but the idea is as follows:

    I am personally a veteran of the Gulf War (1990-1991)- a Navy weapons specialist that fought in theater. Yes, I suppose I could tell some very explicit stories that; quite frankly, I'd rather forget (if I could). But a lot of funny stuff happened as well and I do know other vets of the same conflict that also know such stories.

    I just wonder if the idea is really worth the effort. Please don't get the wrong idea- I know that in the USA, veterans are generally respected at this time and I do know that veteran stories are often sought after. That said, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are far more prominent in the modern conscience that Desert Shield/Desert Storm. As a conflict, the US did not suffer many casualties and, quite frankly, we wiped the floor with Saddam Hussein back then. Would such an assembly of stories, if collected, be really marketable? What say you?

    -Wild Bill
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