As a disclaimer, I was never in the military in any capacity, except as a child, sibling, and wife of soldiers. My father was in Desert Storm. My sister spent many years in the Navy, but never in war. My brother did a brief bit. My ex-husband was in Iraq. So on with various other family members.

What I liked about MASH as a child(or at least this is what I remember now, because I was probably looking for it, missing my father all the time) was that they had a balance. YEah they were a medicial unit, and had some f'ed up injuries come through, but the rest of the time they were all doing the best they could to keep their sanity with humor and antics, all while missing their family, being scared, and trying to stay alive.

Depending on the direction you're trying to go, I wouldn't mind seeing something that shows the balance of the good and bad, scary and funny. Something that shows that getting blown up together isn't the only thing that forms bonds among men in a unit.