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Thread: 1st POV and Worldbuilding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emissarius View Post
    If my work has lots of characters, would it be safer to use third-person? It's not that there will be chapters told from those characters' POV (the whole story will be from the MC's whether I choose 1st or 3rd), but I've noticed that most first-person MG fantasis tend to have fewer main characters, and the MC is usually on an adventure/ quest with two or three other characters, and while they do meet lots of characters on their journey, none of those end up being main characters. Should the sheer number of characters in my story be the reason to switch to third-person, even if none of them will get scenes/ chapters told from their POVs?
    I don't think so... Perhaps you could try writing both in 3rd and in 1st person and see which feels more comfortable, more natural to you? Because that's what matters - if you do something just because others say so, and not out of your own conviction, it won't be much fun. Try both POVs and see how it goes.

    I have a huge cast of characters, but my novel is written in 1st person and from the POV of one (main) character. I started writing it in 3rd person, and it was all wrong. I realized that halfway into the novel, rewrote it in 1st person, and never looked back.

    Good luck!
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