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Writing a memoir, which is due to be published, and the already short deadline is looming... Am at a stage where I’m feeling a bit lost! The memoir focuses around an Event that takes place over a couple of days, and interspersed with flashbacks to my life before the Event, which ultimately lead me to being at that place, at that time. What I’m struggling with is:
1) how to best structure the flashbacks around the highs and lows of the Event; and
2) how to select what flashbacks go in and which do not. Having a lot of ‘but is it interesting to anyone else’ crises of confidence!

Would love some thoughts or suggestions on the process from fellow writers. Thank you.
All of your concerns are things you should talk about with your editor.

As you're so close to deadline, it's worth asking if that deadline can be extended.

Would you mind telling us who the publisher is? And if you've had to pay for publication? Because most of the better publishers would have resolved these issues with you right at the start: I'm concerned that you've fallen into the hands of a scammer or an incompetent.