The everyday absurdities and atrocities of the world we live in and the hell we've made it tends to make the news fade to black quicker than ever before.

There is simply so much bad news. Missing kids who are either found dead or not at all. Record levels of carbon dioxide in the air.

June is Pride Month. In London it was observed by a gang of men who attacked a couple for refusing to put on a show for them and kiss each other.

Uruguay national Melania Geymonat, 28, posted a photo showing the aftermath of the assault in which she and her American girlfriend Chris are covered in blood following the attack in the early hours of May 30 in the English capital.

Geymonat uploaded the photo to Facebook along with a lengthy caption detailing the attack and calling for an end to "chauvinist, misogynistic and homophobic violence."

She described how she and Chris were on the late night bus traveling to the Camden area of London after the pair had been on a date. Geymonat said the group of men must have come over to them on the bus after they had spotted them kissing.

"There were at least four of them," Geymonat said. "They started behaving like hooligans, demanding that we kissed so they could enjoy watching, calling us 'lesbians' and describing sexual positions. I don't remember the whole episode, but the word 'scissors' stuck in my mind."

Geymonat said she started joking with the men in an attempt to calm the situation and her girlfriend pretended to be sick so they would leave them alone.

"But they kept on harassing us, throwing us coins and becoming more enthusiastic about it," she added. "The next thing I know is that Chris is in the middle of the bus fighting with them.

"On an impulse, I went over there only to find her face bleeding and three of them beating her up. The next thing I know is I'm being punched. I got dizzy at the sight of my blood and fell back. I don't remember whether or not I lost consciousness. Suddenly the bus had stopped, the police were there and I was bleeding all over."

Geymonat said the couple were both robbed of their possessions during the attack. She decided to post the photo of their injuries while venting her frustrations at how common such homophobic attacks are.

"I'm tired of being taken as a sexual object, of finding out that these situations are usual, of gay friends who were beaten up just because. We have to endure verbal harassment and chauvinist, misogynistic and homophobic violence because when you stand up for yourself s**t like this happens," she wrote. "I just hope that in June, Pride Month, stuff like this can be spoken out loudly so they stop happening."

As Pride Month begins, here's how it is being observed in its opening week

The mayor of a rural Alabama town is refusing to step down after his comments about "killing" members of the LGBTQ community made national headlines.

Carbon Hill Mayor Mark Chambers told the Daily Mountain Eagle, a local newspaper, in an interview Tuesday that "he did not intend to resign." During a city council meeting Tuesday evening, local politicians formally asked for the mayor's resignation, according to Birmingham TV station WSFA.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Chambers wrote in all capital letters: "We live in a society where homosexuals lecture us on morals, transvestites lecture us on human biology, baby killers lecture us on human rights and socialists lecture us on economics!"

In a subsequent comment, the mayor wrote: "The only way to change it would be to kill the problem out. I know it's bad to say but with out [sic] killing them out there's no way to fix it."
Killing the gays is a popular idea among the homophobic.

Republican state Rep. Mike Hill of Pensacola joked and laughed about a constituent’s comment that gay people should be put to death, according to the Pensacola News Journal, drawing harsh backlash against Hill from across the state on Friday.

According to a News Journal transcript of the audio recording, which the paper said was released by Women for Responsible Legislation, someone at the May 23 meeting at Pensacola City Hall said to Hill, “In 1 Corinthians, it says that a man who has an affair with another man will be put to death.”

Hill replied, “It says that in the Old Testament, too.” Another attendee then asked, “Can you introduce legislation?”

There is some laughter, and Hill finally replied, “I wonder how that would go over?”

Condemnations poured in from across Florida, from sources ranging from his hometown newspaper to Republican leadership to Democratic state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, one of three openly-gay Florida lawmakers.

Hill did not respond to an inquiry to his office from Florida Politics. But he did respond to Smith.

“Fake news, Carlos! And you know it. I never said I wanted to kill anyone! Instead, I am being attacked because I have made a strong stand to protect the preborn in the womb,” Hill tweeted at Smith late Friday.

That’s not quite addressing the concerns raised around the state.

Republican Party of Florida chairman Joe Gruters, also a state Senator from Sarasota, issued a statement declaring, “I am horrified by what I just heard, hate of any kind cannot be tolerated, Mike Hill should immediately apologize.”
Vile hate speech by jack-ass politicians is one thing, but the murder of transgender women by predators is another.

Last Saturday a young transgender woman's body was found in a lake in Dallas, Texas. The police identified her as 26-year-old Chynal Lindsey shortly afterwards.

It was later confirmed that Ms Lindsey had been killed - city police chief U Reneé Hall told reporters two days later that her body had exhibited "obvious signs of homicidal violence".

Such killings are not uncommon. Ms Lindsey was the second black trans woman in Dallas to be killed within the last three weeks, and the third over the past year.

Asked whether it was possible a serial killer was targeting these women, Ms Reneé Hall said that "right now, we don't have the evidence to substantiate that", but urged members of the trans community to "stay vigilant". Because of the scale of the problem, she added, the department has asked the FBI for assistance.

Whether or not a serial killer is behind the attacks, Chynal's death has highlighted an insidious truth - that trans women of colour in the US are disproportionately at risk of being killed.

On 18 May, 23-year-old trans woman Muhlaysia Booker was found dead on a street near a golf course in Dallas, having been fatally shot. Her death came a month after a group of men attacked her, filmed it, and posted the footage on social media.

In October last year the body of Brittany White, 29, was found in a parked car in the city, with fatal gunshot wounds.

Two earlier deaths of trans women of colour in Dallas have yet to be solved, too - that of Shade Schuler in 2015, and of an unidentified trans woman in 2017, who was found in the same lake as Chynal.

And a non-fatal attack in April this year, in which a trans woman survived being repeatedly stabbed and left for dead, is also being investigated by Dallas police.

According to Human Rights Campaign (HRC), an LGBTQI+ civil rights group, it's not just a Dallas issue - it's a problem across the US. Across the country, 82% of the transgender people killed last year were women of colour.

The Trans Murder Monitoring project says that in the decade between January 2008 and September 2018, a total of 2,982 trans people were killed worldwide.

"There is an epidemic of violence that is targeting the transgender community, particularly transgender women of colour, here in the United States," Sarah McBride, from HRC, tells the BBC.

"Transgender women of colour already face disproportionate rates of discrimination, of poverty, of homelessness - all factors that contribute to being at greater risk of violence. We know that when transphobia mixes with misogyny and racism, the consequences can oftentimes be deadly."
Be Proud, But Be Careful. You have reasons to fear for your very life.