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Thread: B&N has a buyer...

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    Not Ready to Put the Knife Away Kjbartolotta's Avatar
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    I am unsure a revival is in the cards.

    Quote Originally Posted by Introversion View Post
    Book-selling seems like a brutal business to be in. It might not make sense for me to even wish for paper books to continue to be sold -- I buy probably 80% of my books as e-books now because I have little space to store more p-books. But I still hope it works for them.
    It's not as bleak as all that, there's been an uptick in the last few years and the enthusiasm is there. The issue is the same ones facing all small businesses, namely, rent. Amazon doesn't cut into business as much as people think, tho the two most common things booksellers hear are "Has your business been hurt by Amazon?" or "Why don't you match their prices?"

    Both are usually followed by "I'd rather support you than Amazon". People are very passive aggressive.
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