Saw a screening of "Dark Phoenix" yesterday, one of those things where they hope you'll blog favorably about it (or just blog - "Even bad publicity is publicity"). A friend who works in the industry dragged me to see it since I write science fiction and have a small fan following.

This is just my personal reaction.

JLaw, who would have been my main reason for paying to see the movie, has a small part near the beginning and was gone for the rest of the movie. Big fail for me.

Good to see Sophie Turner, who did such outstanding work in Game of Thrones, get to star in a movie. She did her usual actorly good work.

Jessica Chastain is a great villain.

Unfortunately I could not become interested in any character, so all the well-done action could not get me excited. I liked too little about the movie to blog about it.

My guess is that it will do middling box office then be forgotten. Hope I'm wrong, since I'm in the fictional superhero/ine business and success of any work in that arena raises the boat for my works.