Hey! I finished my first MS a few months ago and it's being beta-read now. I know that I'm not quite there yet, but I have started thinking about the outline of my query letter and I'm already stuck. Especially in this genre, where world-building is paramount, how much of the query letter focuses on telling the agent what the world is about vs. the plot?

I don't want to give my actual plot away, so an example of what I'm talking about is below:

An alien race conquers Earth and enslaves mankind. Obviously that would shape all of society on a very fundamental level, driving main character motivation and overall growth. While this plays in the background, there is a central story, say "boy meets girl" that has the potential to actually change the status quo of aliens enslaving mankind.

So, do you just introduce the world in the first sentence and then tell the "boy meets girl" plot in the rest of the query letter? Do you just balance as best you can?

Does this make sense?