I’ve been hearing that books that sell, or which are accepted for publication are trending downward in page count. While 400+ for certain types of books used to be common, 250 is more the norm now.

I perused the best seller shelf at B&N today, and 300, 375 seemed to be the average. Some were higher, like Howard Stern’s book, well over 400, and I get why.

Does this mean that people just don’t have time/interest for reading books (fiction), and if they do, they’d better be short..maybe almost micro fiction?

Will “books*” become little more than elevator speeches? Seems to defeat the purpose of reading a story: you have to put in the effort to get interested, make discoveries, get invested in the characters’ outcomes.

Thoughts? Thank you!

*I’m referring to books in the sense of content, not necessarily those made from dead trees.