On behalf of spouse, I'm researching suggestions for Chromebook-compatible screenwriting software that has a user-friendly interface (meaning, for somebody who's not particularly computer savvy but who, back in the day, could work a non-digital $25K sound camera just fine...)

He just wants a basic template, nothing fancy. Pre-kid, he wrote several screenplays on a template that worked with Word 3.1, so he knows the form. Eventually he'll move to a desktop Mac, but right now his computer is the Chromebook.

So far this is what I've found:
YouMeScript (Chromebook extension, great privacy policy, free, probaby would meet his needs)
WriterDuet (free for the first three scripts, $89/year after)
Page to Stage - can't tell from the page whether it would work on a Chromebook
FadeIn - says it works on Linux so.. maybe?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!